Don't make a girl fall If you don't have intention of catching her


Don't make a girl fall If  you don't have intention of catching her.she could be a little strange, shy, lonely, because nobody has given no hope to cling to the darkness of your thoughts without response ... If you had worked to have known you would have helped to understand that the world is out there if you heard it right away, ... But the cave above you, salt, aprendre, enjoy, have fun, bad and stayed inside, hold fast to love and affection ...

 No hagas caer a una chica,si no tienes intención de cogerla.Ella podia ser  un poco estraña,timida,solitaria,por que nadie le ha dado esperanza de no aferrarse a la oscuridad de sus pensamientos sin respuesta...Si te hubieras esforzado por haberla conocido la habrías ayudado a comprender que el mundo está hay fuera,si has oído bien fuera,... Pero de la caverna que tienes encima,sal,aprendre,disfruta,diviertete,lo malo ya se quedo dentro,aferrate al amor y el cariño...

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